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“The #1 development tool for enterprises with hard-core Java applications and relational databases.”

Open Source

Stream querying for projects constrained to Hibernate/JPA

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A complete Stream ORM for enterprise projects

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Accelerate your enterprise queries to hypersonic speeds

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Why Speedment?

Today’s society requires blazingly fast applications. This, in turn, requires modern agile application development.

Speedment offers the possibility to update an existing software monolith to meet these demands without risky and costly migrations. Meanwhile, the application layer is decoupled from the underlying datasource to lower the cost of maintenance and enable total agility.

Reduced Development Time

Database queries expressed as standard Java Streams yields short, concise and readable code while the introduced type-safety minimizes the risk for bugs. Furthermore, all required boilerplate code is automatically generated.

Increased Data Access

Use Speedments unique in-JVM-memory management model to provide immediate relief from performance bottlenecks by accelerating application response times orders of magnitude and reducing database load.

Perfect for the Cloud

The tools coexists nicely with any relational database; Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, MariaDB or AS400. It is easy deploy the application in the cloud.

New Release

Speedment 3.2 Channing

Now compliant with Java Platform Module System (JPMS) to enable deployment of light-weight microservices in the cloud.

Companies Using Speedment