Live Data Agent for IBM OMoC

Free Your IBM OMoC Production Data to Your Business Users

Fast, Reliable, and Scalable Access to Live Data

Live Data Agent is a data extract tool for organizations using IBM Order Management on Cloud which allows business users to glean important insights in near real-time by accessing order management data as Kafka Topics, Java Streams, via a REST API or in a target database.

One-minute Demo

Watch the one-minute demo to learn how Live Data Agent can free your IBM order management data.


Data Extract Configuration Service

IBM's standard APIs are used to configure what data is being fed to the Live Data Agent.

Live Data Agent

The Live Data Agent replaces IBM's Data Extract Agent which currently exposes data from a backup database in CSV-format over FTP. Instead, Live Data Agent delivers data straight from the source through four different reliable outputs.

”Live Data Agent is tailor-made for IBM OMoC to finally allow customers to get at the critical transaction data, quickly, efficiently, and with little to no impact on their production system. ”

Phil Tympanick
Omni-Channel Solution Architect at IBM

Tailor-made for IBM Order Management on Cloud

OMoC Live Data Agent is simple to configure and deploy since the solution utilizes the same configuration tables that are used to set up the IBM Data Extract Agent. This means organizations can use existing IBM API’s to configure what is fed to the OMoC Agent.

Fetch Historical Data

Supports IBM’s Data Extracts’ First Run to allow historical data from any number of days up to the current data/time to be synched.

Hypersonic Analytics

Can be configured with in-memory capabilities to allow data to be analyzed with ultra-low latency.

Any Reporting Tools

Connect your data to established enterprise reporting tools or easily build live custom reports of your own. The choice is yours.