Sencha Ext Speeder

Build a Superfast Sencha Ext JS Grid Back-end in Minutes.

Query your Sencha Ext JS Grid Blazingly Fast

Ext Speeder speeds up any Sencha Ext JS data grid by leveraging Speedment's unique in-memory management model. It automatically generates a REST API from your relational database. No modifications to your client Ext JS application are required and it is deployed stand-alone or in a standard JavaEE server.


”A whole new way to develop blazingly fast cross-platform big data applications”

Gautam Agrawal
Sr. Director, Product Management at Sencha

Integrates with Any RDMBS

ExtSpeeder coexists nicely with the current backend and works for any RDBMS; MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, AS/400, PostgreSQL, MariaDB or SQLite.