Speedment HyperStream

Designed For Commercial Deployments Where Security, Availability, and Performance Cannot Be Compromised.

Hypersonic Performance and Developer Productivity

Speedment HyperStream goes beyond Speedment Stream with its in-JVM-memory capabilities which boosts application speed by orders of magnitude. This enables exploration of the foreign landscapes of your data with minimum effort.


One-minute Demo

Watch the one-minute demo to learn how Speedment HyperStream delivers ultra-fast applications and integrates with the database and application layer.

HyperStream Architecture

In-JVM-Memory DataStore

Speedment HyperStream creates a virtual data object within the JVM itself, containing a snapshot of the datasource. Operations are then performed using DataStore, an Off-Heap Storage Engine which has no impact on Garbage Collect (GC) times. This allows data to be retrieved in sub-millisecond time while the underlying database is free to focus solely on storing and validating data.

Java Stream ORM

HyperStream includes the ORM capabilities of Speedment Stream. Hence, developers are equipped with an expressive and type-safe language which minimizes the risk for bugs. Read more here.

Code Generator & Interface

The included toolkit analyses the underlying data sources’ metadata and automatically generates code which reflects the structure (i.e. the “domain model”) of the underlying data sources. This eliminates the need to write boilerplate code or Java Entity Classes.

A graphical interface lets the user monitor the process and perform custom configurations and optimizations.

Reduced Development Time

Database queries expressed as standard Java Streams yields short, concise and readable code while the introduced type-safety minimizes the risk for bugs. Furthermore, all required boilerplate code is automatically generated.

Increased Data Access

Use Speedments unique in-JVM-memory management model to provide immediate relief from performance bottlenecks by accelerating application response times orders of magnitude and reducing database load.

Leverage Your Infrastructure

The tools coexists nicely with any relational database; Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, MariaDB or AS400. It is possible to deploy them in the cloud, standalone, or on an app server.

Integrates with Any RDBMS

Speedment HyperStream coexists nicely with the current backend and works for any RDBMS; MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, AS/400, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Informix or Snowflake.


Generate a Complete Spring REST API

HyperStream is now capable of generating a complete Spring Boot REST API (including all CRUD operators) for your database. It is ready for deployment in minutes.

Modularized for Light-weight Deployments

HyperStream complies with the Java Platform Module System (JPMS), hence can benefit from recent improvements in JVMs such as Java 11+ and GraalVM. JPMS allows tailor-made Java runtimes to be distilled, whereby only the required modules are incorporated into the runtime, greatly reducing storage and memory requirements for the application. Use of the JPMS feature is optional and HyperStream can still be run on Java 8 and upwards.