Implementation Piece by Piece

Upgrading a legacy database system can be a daunting task. With large numbers of tables in the database and many lines of code both in backend and frontend upgrading it all to a more modern data access framework may incur both high costs and considerable risk. Instead of starting a migration project, we advocate a piecewise implementation. Speedment is designed to facilitate such a process. The Speedment tool coexists nicely with the current backend. It will instantly deliver value to the selected piece of the solution whereas the rest remains unactuated. 

A typical approach for a Speedment integration project is to single out a particular database query and its associated backend code. By replacing only that part of the backend data access, the system will leverage benefits of Speedment for the parts affected without making any change to the rest of the legacy system. In general, adding a new data source to an existing system may introduce inconsistencies, but since the Speedment in-JVM-memory datastore is read-only, the acceleration does not add any new ways of writing data. Therefore, the underlying relational database remains the source of truth for all queries.